Integrated fixed tower (IFT) «KaZaK» is an up-to-date, integrated, autonomous, unattended, all-weather, round-theclock, pole-mounted, multi-sensor surveillance system for detection of different threats and intruders.

IFT «KaZaK» is an absolutely innovative system that will be quickly introduced in real life and will protect hundreds of borders against:

• terrorism / piracy;

• illegal immigration;

• drug trafficking/smuggling;

• illegal fishing.


IFT «KaZaK» was initially designed for homeland security to protect all kinds of border areas, both land and maritime, in the fight against different types of intruders, but can also be used for remote control and monitoring of different civilian facilities and strategic infrastructures.

IFT «KaZaK» is a top-ranked, state-of-the-art, self-sufficient surveillance system, allowing for early day and night detection, identification, tracking, and finally interception and capture of intruders.

The electro-optical system of IFT «KaZaK» contains a multispectral surveillance system. This mid-range system was designed with multispectral imaging for seeing in complete darkness as well as through a multitude of environmental conditions including smoke, rain, snow, dust, and fog through the utilization of a continuous zoom 640 x 480 array uncooled VOx detector and a 40x optical zoom high-resolution CCD color camera.

IFT «KaZaK» is fully remote-controlled via a Command and Control (C2) system (central control room). All data from the IFT is routed to the C2 system via wireless, fiber-optic, or other communication infrastructures, where it is processed and displayed.



IFT «KaZaK» generally consists of two main integrated parts:

• Linear Post (LP);

• Station Post (SP).

SP is installed near the Command and Control (C2) center, and LP is installed in the territory that needs to be controlled and monitored and can be 30 km away from the SP.


• Self-contained, renewable, photovoltaic, all-weather, 24/7/365 power unit with an innovative, patented, automated, passive self-cleaning system of photovoltaic batteries.

• Perimeter physical barrier with sensors. Above ground metallic fencing system that requires no pinning or digging in order to be deployed and offers rapidly deployable surface mount fencing solution.

• Integrated into a Command and Control (C2) system that provides comprehensive surveillance in a highly customizable and user-friendly environment.

• Integrated with under and above ground sensors of autonomous perimeter security system.

• Integrated with active, coherent low power consumption short range radar.

• Can be programmed to automatically scan an entire area. Different points that need to be monitored periodically can be preset.

• Automatic video detector (video motion detector) and tracker.

• Ambient temperatures ranging from - 40° to +50 °C.

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