The mobile rapidly deployable fencing system (MRDS) «RuSwift» was specifically designed as a durable, high security solution for the prevention of unauthorized penetration within different perimeters, school playgrounds, and military bases. It can also be used for crowd control during events, concerts, or whenever protection of critical infrastructure is required.

MRDS is an above ground metallic fencing system that requires no pinning or digging in order to be deployed and offers a temporary, rapidly deployable surface mount fencing solution.

MRDS can be easily upgraded to meet your threat assessment. Designed for heights of up to 2.5 meters, MRDS can be deployed and redeployed many times to protect an area quickly and efficiently with minimal cost and disruption.

Tested by Russian military forces, MRDS offers significant protection and can therefore vastly reduce security costs when compared to the use of traditional, temporary fencing solutions.

CCTV, Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS), topping enhancements, wire / wireless transmission systems of alarm signals and video information, different pedestrian access control solutions including portals, and non-lethal electroshock deterrents can also be incorporated to provide a full turnkey solution.

MRDS «RuSwift» can provide durable, high security solutions to your specific requirements.
MRDS «RuSwift» leads the Russian market in temporary, high security fencing solutions.


• high performance, durable mobile system;

• wind, rain, snow resistant, 24/7, all-weather;

• low maintenance and long life corrosion resistant construction;

• highly portable and cost effective;

• rapidly deployable, no ground pinning or foundation required;

• ease of installation on temporary or permanent facilities;

• high visibility ideal for use with CCTV;

• visually appealing and friendly with no impact to the local environment;

• can be fully integrated with PIDS, CCTV, topping enhancements and different deterrents;

• suitable for hard or soft ground standings, allows for changes in direction and ground condition;

• ideal in locations where space is an issue or a traditional fencing system is difficult to deploy.


• ideal for both civilian and military purposes;

• protection of temporarily deployed parking lots;

• protection of school playgrounds;

• crowd control during events and concerts;

• protection of military bases and field camps;

• arrangement of temporary transport gateways;

• protection of guardhouses and different military installations.

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