Joint Stock Company «Dedal» (hereafter Company) is a special Research and Production Complex that is part of Rosatom – the legendary Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation.

Company is geographically situated on the bank of the Volga River not far from Moscow in a town of Russian scientists called Dubna, where the element from Mendeleev’s table (Dubnium) was discovered.


Company’s mission is to create and introduce innovations that will help people all over the world effectively fight against terrorism and extremism and finally make this beautiful world a better and safer place to live.

Since 1963, Company has been developing and producing top-ranked, innovative security systems and actually laid the foundation for such systems.

During these 56 years of stable growth, Company has built a great scientific and technical legacy, developed unique competences and skills and has gathered extraordinary, talented and creative people who are key strengths for the company. Our focus is to be at least one step ahead of our competitors and due to our employees we have great confidence in our market position in the face of strong and influential competitors.

R&D and production


Company’s products are well known among Russian Special Forces (The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, The Border Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation etc.) and are extremely suited for a wide variety of military, governmental, commercial and industrial applications.

Company’s up-to-date products are widely used for homeland security, for the protection of different civilian facilities and strategic infrastructures, military installations (including Naval bases), power plants (including Nuclear facilities) and other facilities considered at-risk.

During its long market presence as one of the leaders of the Russian security industry, Company has developed key competencies in the area of exterior intrusion sensors (buried-line sensors, fence-associated sensors etc.), mobile rapidly deployable fencing security systems, autonomous unattended surveillance systems, integrated fixed towers, entry (access) control systems, CCTV, waterfront protection systems (including floating linear barriers) etc.

Due to its own well developed innovative ecosystem, Company keeps moving forward and is now developing new departments and businesses such as alternative energy in security systems, active defense systems, satellite monitoring and control etc.

Many of Company’s products were given special medals and awards at different international exhibitions, but the most pleasant and meaningful thanks have come from our customers who have appreciated Company’s products and services.

Company has its own production and R&D departments and pays special attention to quality control during all stages of development and production.

Company holds its own unique open air testing areas that are well-equipped with all necessary tools and devices for the natural testing of new products as part of the life cycle of new product development.


Company has long-standing relationships with several Russian universities and in addition has just opened its own subdepartment (chair) at «Dubna» university called «Total Security» for training specialists in the domain of security and safety for its own purposes and also for its partners who are interested in employing well-trained and qualified specialists.

Company is constantly developing its own social program, which gives talented and motivated employees extra bonuses and fringe benefits and what is the most important - social support and a feeling of safety and stability.


We would like to thank our employees, customers, contractors and partners and state with confidence that we have all the necessary resources and capabilities to keep moving forward and come up with new fresh ideas, products, decisions and businesses that will be in high demand and will help effectively fight against terrorism and extremism all over the world.